Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Well, that didn't start well did it? I was meant to write more frequently and its been a week! I do have a good reason though. The day after my last post I went to the doctors and picked up a very nasty virus. This left me way to weak and sniffily to think straight (or write straight for that matter!). I'm starting to pick up a little so decided to squeeze a post in before I get ill again!

So I came across these beautiful fields whilst looking through some blogs (I'm really sorry but I can't remember which ones! The pics I'm about to show I got from google!). I think these are so beautiful, and a perfect picture of spring!

One day I totally have to visit these fields... They are so magical, I didn't even know such colourful fields existed!

Sam xx


  1. those pics are so cheerful
    get well soon missus

  2. Those are amazing!!! I picked up some similar postcards when I was in Amsterdam, but never visited the real thing... would lvoe to go back one day! Hope you're feeling better,Jenny x

  3. Wow! The colours are amazing. I can see them as balls of Noro!