Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day Six! - 2KCBWDAY6

Day six of the annual knitting and crochet blog week 

"Something to aspire to: Is there a pattern or skill that you don’t yet feel ready to tackle but which you hope to (or think you can only dream of) tackling in the future, near or distant? Is there a skill or project that makes your mind boggle at the sheer time, dedication and mastery of the craft? Maybe the skill or pattern is one that you don’t even personally want to make but can stand back and admire those that do. Maybe it is something you think you will never be bothered to actually make but can admire the result of those that have."

This is an interesting one. I have soooo many patterns that I plan to try when I can afford the wool that if I told you about all of them we could be here for a few weeks! Don't worry though, I will only show you a few ;)
The biggest thing I have tried so far is a scarf, and the most complicated I've ever tried is either a hat or the amigurumi patterns! Although technically the biggest thing I have made is the blanket from the art of crochet magazines, but I don't count that as 'big' since its worked square by square! I will probably change my mind on this when they are put together though.

So, what is on my list of things to try? Here are a few of them off the top of my head:
  • Blankets - Pretty blankets, granny square blankets, zigzag blankets... I think you get the picture!
  • Cushions - Follows the above pattern!!
  • Jumpers
  • Dresses/tunics
  • Cardigans
  • Various types and styles of garlands (I know these are simple, but I just haven't got round to making any!)
I'm sure there is so much more but these are on the top of my list! Cushions, garlands and blankets are pretty easy, but the jumpers, tunics and cardigans I think will be tricky. I'm worried that they will look completely misshapen, and that the shaping will go a bit wrong... However, I still plan to take on the challenge and hopefully not do too badly!

So here are a few pictures of what I would love to make:

I love this jumper. Its just so pretty! I love the grey with the pattern at the top, its not too in your face with pattern and I feel it adds a lovely element!

This one is sooo pretty! I have the perfect top to wear under this and it would be perfect for those colder days.

This jumper is my utter most favourite!! When I first joined Ravelry this is the first thing I favourited, and I still really want to make it! It looks so comfy and the colours are lovely!

For knitting, this hat is my goal. It is sooo beautiful, and not to ambitious for one of the first knitting project I try. I receive emails from Interweave, an American magazine, and recently they had this pattern for free. Oh gosh I really do love it, and it will give me something to strive towards!

I would love to make all these with the yarn used in the pictures, which is unusual for me. I usually have my own ideas of colours but I love all of these!

Thank you for visiting, and if you've been joining me everyday for the knitting and crochet blog week then an even bigger thank you to you!

Much love, Sam xx

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