Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Here we go....

Well I've finally made my very own craft blog!
Here's a little bit about me: I am 22 and from Lancashire. I am obsessed with photography but due to illness I cannot take as many pictures as I would like. I have had M.E for almost 9 years now. It is a debilitating illness that leaves you feeling very weak and tired all the time. Imagine feeling over 100 years old and you will be close to knowing what I (and many other sufferers) have to live with every day. I have it very severely so most days I cant even get out of bed. Saying this though I stay very positive and have an amazing partner who cares for me and supports me (literally!).
The main things I will probably be posting will be my crochet since it is easier than other things, but you should find a variety depending on my mood and energy! I hope you enjoy looking at my blog, please feel free to say hello! :)

Much love, Sam x

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Sam! Best wishes with this new blogging endeavor!!! And happy crafting!!! Thanks for sharing a little about yourself - take care!