Wednesday, 23 February 2011

There's Nothing Better Than Chocolate!

I bought some amazing chocolates for me and Roxi for valentines day. They were that good I had to tell you all about them!

They are strawberry and champagne truffles from an online store called Moko. The beauty of the packaging made them even more appealing and special, it was a perfect gift! I'm sooo glad I bought them for us to share! (Although a box each would have been perfect!)

This is the box, it has a lovely pattern on it that you cant quite see on here. And the inside looks like this:

The truffles simply tasted divine. They have a soft, creamy, pink center surrounded by delicate white chocolate coated in pink powder.

They arrived in a super secure box that even fitted though our letterbox! (Always an added bonus!)

On the inside flap of the box they even included a fun activity! (if you find eye tests fun that is!) And if you look really carefully you will see it says "Please recycle me, I want to be a novel"! Who thought a box could be so cute? :-)

 At £15.99 they were definitely not the cheapest chocolates in the world, but soooo worth it! They do a whole selection that I just cant wait to try!
(No, I am not being paid or sponsored to promote them (as much as I wish I was so I could buy more chocolates!) I just loved them that much!!)

Thanks for visiting! Sam xx

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